Sunday, June 12, 2011

The dentist

I will start this entry by telling you that a few weeks ago I noticed something in W's mouth that I thought was food and after scrubbing his teeth realized that it was his permanent teeth growing in behind the baby teeth. Shortly after that, I took Shark Boy to the dentist and we agreed that the two bottom baby teeth would need to be pulled. Oh dear Lord help me!!! W can barely survive a teeth cleaning and we have to do that with a regular toothbrush because the electric one freaks him out. So the wonderful dentist suggested I give him a Valium 30 minutes before the appointment and that plus the happy gas should knock him into another world.

Now, I knew that this idea would not go as planned but I did not know what would happen. So Thursday morning rolls around and we give W the Valium and we wait. We get in the car and W gets steadily louder and more hyper and squirmier and LOUDER and LOUDER and I am having a come apart in my mind thinking, "THIS IS NOT WORKING!!" We get to the dentist and they say are you sure you gave it to him? Well not to worry the happy gas will knock him out. NOT! He was like a pinball machine ball bouncing off of the walls and it got worse with every moment! The dentist said he had never seen anything like it!

Well fortunately our dentist is the best thing ever and he acted as silly as W, which W loved and they managed to "dance his teeth" right out of his head. It was a miracle. Then the dentist says to me---are you ready? "Now that Valium is time released so he will be in and out all day." Yes, in and out of insanity!!! He got crazier and crazier and finally crashed about 10:30 that night. Never slept a wink and I don't think he sat down either!

Another day in my crazy world of unpredictable happenings. As usual, when I told them that he would not react normally to Valium I was dismissed as I did not know what I was talking about. I guess that is my cross to bear in every situation because you know-- I AM ONLY HIS MOTHER!!

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