Sunday, July 3, 2011

Another disaster (I mean doctor) appointment.

Well I am trying to figure out a way to describe what happened at W's doctor appointment in a positive light. But I cannot think of any. It was truly an event that I could never accurately portray and even if I could, you would never believe it. The hardest part of the whole thing is to get people to understand that we are not dealing with a rational thinking child. He is an anxiety ridden ball of OCD and language barriers that make it impossible to reason with or negotiate with him. I tried to explain this to the nurse as she was getting ready to do "lab work" and she said oh I know. My son is just like that. That told me right there that she had no friggin clue what was about to happen- that the next few minutes would play out like a scene from Rosemary's Baby.

As soon as the word blood work was mentioned, W bolted for the door. The fight began as W went into complete survival mode-fight or flight. I will spare you all the gory details but in the end, the room looked like we had slaughtered a pig in there and W left with 2 blown veins, the nurse was bandaged, everyone had blood on their clothes, and no blood work was achieved. We hung our heads in shame and slunk to the car.

Let me back up a minute. Before the massacre started, the doctor tells me they want to admit W to the hospital for 24 hours and insert a tube in his nose and down his esophagus to be left there for a day to measure his pH levels. OK people, W will never cooperate enough for this to happen. My concerns, as usual, were dismissed as those of a neurotic mother who is overprotective. After the massacre, I think they finally see what I was talking about.

We left the doctor's office and Wade and I sat in the car in silence for several minutes not knowing what to do or say. Finally, Wade broke the silence and said, "There is no way he will allow them to put a tube down his nose. It is not worth the trauma to him." Hallelujah!!! The voice of reason! We are thankfully on the same page and I will be calling the doctor on Tuesday to cancel procedure. The doctor's office will be doing the happy dance after my call I am sure!!!

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  1. Oh, wow! Vicki, what great parents you and Wade are. And I'm so excited that you started a blog to journal your journey. I'm truly in awe of y'all. And how scary for Will...... I don't even like all that stuff, I can't imagine what's going through his little mind. Much love.