Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Typical Morning Around Here...

A friend of mine(THANK YOU SueMac!) recently did a video of a day in her life and I thought that was such a clever idea. However, there is no way I could accomplish this. There is no way I could get W everywhere and man a camera so I thought I would just log a written account of an audio day for you. All commentary is W speaking except when specified as someone else. So here goes:

2:58AM-Good morning Mama! Can I watch TV?

3:05 AM-Can I watch TV?

3:20 AM-Can I watch TV?

3:30AM-Falls back to sleep thank you LORD!!!

6:00AM-(Teen) Mom where is the Tylenol?

6:30AM-(Skittles) Paw scratching my face (Dog translation-I have to go outside!!!)

7:00AM-(Wade) Hi honey I am home! (Husband home from business trip)

7:05AM-I am hungry, let's go downstairs

7:06AM-(Teen again)Mom the cinnamon rolls say bake for 13-15 minutes. How long do I bake them? (Really?)

7:10AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:15AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:20AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:25AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:30AM-I am hungry but I don't want cinnamon rolls. Will you play on the Wii with me?

7:35AM-No I do not want any of the 25 things you have offered me for breakfast. I want Burger King so I can have the Transformer toy I just saw on TV. Can we go there? Crying ensues.

7:40AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:45AM-Mom C ate all the cinnamon rolls!

7:46AM Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

7:50AM-I am hungry!

8:00AM-I am tired. I am going to go lie down.

8:01AM-Mom will you play on the Wii with me?

I will spare you the rest but you get an idea of a typical morning and you can just imagine how much fun living with an OCD child is for the rest of the day!! It is never a dull moment that is for sure! And I have learned to sleep in 5 minute intervals. We just take it for what it is and most of the time just go on but I am not saying that sometimes I don't loose it with the repeating. But in our family we try to see the funny in things. Some things you can either laugh at it or cry. And we would sure rather be laughing so I hope you can see the funny in this as well.

Sidebar: W just asked me if bad ass is a bad word! Wonder what teen he heard that from????? It is going to be a looonnnggg day.

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  1. Thanks for the shout out..... and I'm exhausted reading that so I'm going back to sleep!